How Meditation Helps Control Both Sides of the Bipolar Disorder Coin

Bipolar disorder can be an extremely difficult condition to manage. It's unusual among mental health problems in that, as the name suggests, it causes two distinct and opposing states. Although the high, or manic, periods frequently feel less problematic to the person experiencing them, they can still cause difficulty by leading to inappropriate actions or a lack of focus and concentration.

Luckily, there are ways to reduce the impact bipolar disorder has on your life. With medication and counselling, you can ease the severity of the mood effects and learn ways to cope with them. Outside of professional medical help, however, many people find getting into mindfulness meditation gives them extra control. Here's how it helps with both sides of the bipolar coin. 

Manic episodes

During a manic episode, people often feel quite happy and upbeat. That doesn't mean it's not a problem, though, and having a way to take back some control is useful.

Mindfulness meditation teaches you to recognise the way you feel in a more rational way. This can allow you to consciously level out your mood and bring more calmness to yourself.

Often, people don't know why they act the way they do or feel the way they feel. Meditation gives you a better sense of your own emotions, which can help you spot a manic period coming before it kicks in.

Meditation isn't just a tool for troubled times. If you practice every day, your overall mood will be stable and you're likely to feel happier in general. When mania hits, you won't experience such a drastic spike, which reduces how much it affects you.

Depressive episodes

Going through a period of clinical depression is tough, and people are often isolated while they're dealing with it. Meditation can be a good friend when you need one.

Depression is frequently accompanied by anxiety, with stress an underlying factor that makes it worse. Through meditation, you can learn to combat stress and anxiety to make things a little easier.

During a depressive episode, people think all sorts of negative and self-doubting things, which are usually unfounded. By practising meditation, you'll be more able to use logic and rationality to fight negativity.

You're not at the mercy of depression, but it can feel like you are when it's in full swing. Practising controlling your emotions and thoughts through meditation puts you back in control and lessens how much depression rules your life.

For more information, contact local bipolar treatment professionals.