3 Great Reasons to Seek Relationship Counselling

The honeymoon phase of the relationship can make you believe that you will never disagree with your partner. However, as the relationship settles, you will realise that your significant other is human and suffers the same shortcomings that other people do. When you come to this realisation, you have to look for ways to overcome the shortcomings together. Remember that as long as you did not grow up in the same conditions as the other person, you are bound to have different worldviews. Here are four great reasons to seek relationship counselling services. 

You Have Communication Issues 

Most people enact their childhoods in their adult relationships, whether they are conscious of the patterns or not. For example, if your parents did not attune to your emotional needs, you might have a challenge expressing your needs to your partner. At the same time, your unmet needs might make you grumpy, leading to conflicts in your relationship. In your view, your partner might seem like the problem, but a professional relationship counsellor can help you both see the role you are playing in co-creating the conflict. They will also help you resolve your childhood traumas and face adult relationships like an expert.

You Need Pre-Marital Counselling

Very few people think about counselling before tying the big knot. However, this is one of the best times to get couple's therapy. It is an excellent opportunity to understand your partner's philosophies about life together. You can discuss issues like sharing bank accounts, your decision-making process when purchasing assets, who will look after the children, and many other arrangements. Most people assume they can handle these decisions together but become resentful because they settled for plans that didn't sit well with them. It is advisable to make these choices in the presence of a counsellor. The professionals create a safe space for you to choose what is best for you.

You Suspect Infidelity and Unfaithfulness

Infidelity and unfaithfulness are one of the main reasons why people separate. Cheating comes from disconnection. Before your partner starts looking at other people, they will have felt a disconnection from you. It is advisable to seek counselling because resolving an infidelity issue is a highly emotional process that can lead to verbal and physical violence. If you believe the relationship is still worth fighting for, you should get counselling.

These are instances where you might need a professional relationship counsellor. It is advisable to hire a trusted and reliable person to walk you through the complexities of relationships for the best outcome.